Simple ways to get the best trick photography photos from your human subject

Simple ways to get the best trick photography photos from human subjectSo you manage to get someone to pose for you so you can practice taking some trick photography shots, what can you do to get the best pose or photos? The key is to make it fun so the pictures don’t turn out like portraits with a forced smile. You’ll need ways to relax the subject so the smile, pose, or expression you’re looking for is the one you get. Here are two simple ways to improve the quality of their pose.

Distract them from the camera

One way to loosen them up is to distract them from you and the camera. Get them talking about their favorite subject or let them interact with something or someone. Keep them busy and use it to goad them into getting into the pose you want. Be clear about what you’re looking for and create a fun game or challenge for them. Remember that you’re holding the camera so always be prepared to let the shutter go off when you sense a great shot coming up. Ask them to do a few practice attempts and catch them off-guard.

Capture their personality

Capturing the personality of your subject can turn your trick photos from good to great. Take levitation photos as an example. Anyone can do levitation photos by jumping high into the air, but everyone jumps in a different manner. Don’t dictate where and how every limb should be when they jump and just let them be. A serious person might jump more rigidly than a free-spirited person with limbs flailing everywhere. Encourage them to let loose and be playful.

As a photographer you’re not just operating the camera, but also using your charm and grace to keep your subjects comfortable and willing to experiment to help you achieve the shots you want. Treat the process as a conversation between you and your subject and you’ll be able to bring out the best of them.

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