Vadering – A New Spin on Trick Photography

Vadering - A new spin on trick photography

Internet memes: you either love them or hate them. There are meme that just don’t make sense such as planking or girl’s doing a duck face. But every once in a while, there comes memes that are actually cool and are worth sharing. A very good example of this is Vadering, a new meme that geeks and sci-fi fans would surely love. If you are at least familiar with the Star Wars movie, then you are most likely with the capability of Darth Vader to choke other beings telepathically. Well it turns out that ordinary humans can do that as well as long as you have a digital camera and a good sense of timing.

History of Vadering

The origin of Vadering can be attributed to a man named Rob Martinez, a staff member of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. One day, while taking a break from Easter preparations, Rob and his church mates started to group and planned to do a Hadokening photo (yet another Internet meme). In the process, they invented Vadering. It was Rob who first used the term as a hashtag on his Instagram account with the photo of himself doing the Darth Vader pose and with one of his friends leaping in the air while holding his neck as if he is being choked. Rob posted the photo on March 29, 2013 followed by two more similar photos all with #vadering. Rob encouraged other people to post their own Vadering photos and the rest, as they say, is history.

Trick Photography

Vadering can actually be considered as a new creative spin on trick photography. Forced perspective (think photos of people carrying the Statue of Liberty on their Palms), long exposure photos (blurry night photos of cars where they appear as streaks of light), shift photography (photos of large objects that make them look like miniatures) are examples of trick photography. You can get started immediately with some simple ideas from my free trick photography download here.

Vadering also reminds us of the works of the sweet-looking Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi who two years ago started a photography fad by taking photos of herself while frozen in mid-leap as if she was levitating. The fad has come to be known as levitating and it became a worldwide hit. At Huffington Post feature on Natsumi last year quickly went viral and was shared by millions of people around the world. Last March, Natsumi just had her first large-scale exhibition in Japan.

How to Do Vadering

Vadering is not your usual jump shot. If you want to create a convincing Vadering photo, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind apart from precision timing from the photographer. When doing jump shots, people usually bend their knees to make it appear that they have jumped higher than they really did. In Vadering though you are not supposed to bend your knees. It must look like you are being lifted in the air and not jumping. This trick photography will not work with people with people with long hair because the hair will give away that you are just leaping. Lastly, you should get the look right. Just imagine that Darth Vader is actually trying to choke you to death.

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