Trick photography and special effects techniques to use for your stock photography business

Are you a stock photo enthusiast? Many people who take pictures and post them to stock photography sites can potentially earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. Imagine that, getting paid for doing what you love! However, what you need to know is the fact that you may be losing customers and potential photo sales if you don’t put up the right type of photos up for sale. Some photos may sell more than others, but if you put up the right picturs for sale, you will find that you can earn even more online than usual. In this article I will show you some of the best trick photography and special effects techniques that you can use in your stock photography business to help you stand out more with your photos and make more sales online. So what are some of the best (and easiest!) trick photography and special effects techniques?

Forced perspective

Forced perspective is the most basic technique that you can start using in your photos today. This is where you take a picture of someone or something standing near the camera that is connected to someone or something else standing further away from the camera. The effect is where one looks larger than the other, usually interacting in a way that is impossible. For example, think about the photos you might have seen where the people looks like they are carrying a large building or touching the top of a tall building with their finger. Another variation of this is where one person is holding a smaller person on the palm of their hands. This technique is so simple and can be done without anything special or modified. All it takes is the right imagination and creativity to come up with interesting-looking photos that will get buyers attention.

Light paintings

Light paintings are basically photos where you get your pictures to have a glowing light moving around the picture, as if the photo has been “painted” with light. This technique basically involves setting your camera on a tripod and with a long exposure setting. When the camera is taking the picture, you basically move a bright light in front of the camera to “paint”. There are beautiful and creative light painting photos if you look around, and you will also find that there are many types of light you can use to paint with. The trick is to experiment and practice. It will take you a bit of time to learn to get sharp and vivid light paintings, but the result can be so spectacular that you’ll want to master this technique.

Levitation photos

Levitation photos are truly worth doing to add some fun and mystery to your photos. These are basically pictures of people or objects floating or levitating in mid air. The simplest way to take levitation photos is to jump or throw the object into the air and take a photo. With a fast enough shutter speed, multiple attempts, and patience you’ll be rewarded with a great levitation photo. You can create more elaborate levitation photos by digitally manipulating the image with a photo editing software.

Use these techniques for stock photography

Selling photos on stock photography sites is a great way to earn some extra cash while honing your photography skills at the same time. The key is to create photos that grabs people’s attention and provide something different and unique from all the other millions of stock photos that buyers could choose from. By applying the techniques mentioned above, your photos will surely rise above the crowd to get noticed. There are of course plenty of other factors which determines how successful you are in the stock photography business, but having interesting and eye-catching photos is a must.

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