Improve your stock photography with trick photography and special effects techniques

The bar for entry into the stock photography business continues to be lowered as more people get access to affordable digital cameras that are loaded with technology. People are now able to take high quality photos using their ordinary digital cameras that they can sell on multiple dedicated stock photography websites.

If you’re not familiar with it, stock photography is used when the owner of a website, newspaper, or magazine wants to use a certain image or picture but decided not to hire a photographer to take the photo. They would go to stock photography websites and pay several dollars each for the pictures that they want, along with the proper license so that there will be no infringement of copyright. It is truly a business where anyone with a camera can get started.

Standing out from the crowd

However, many people who get into the stock photography business discover that it is not as straight forward as it might appear. One major reason is that your photos need to stand out against the sea of photos submitted by countless other photographers, who might be amateurs or professionals. If you want to succeed, then you need to make sure that you are able to stand out from the crowd. Stock photography usually have to convey a very specific message so what better way than to use special effects and camera tricks to create the exact message that buyers are looking for. When you combine stock photography with trick photography and special effects, you’ll have a better chance at getting more sales with your photos.

How do you leverage on trick photography and special effects for stock photos?

The key about using tricks and special effects is that they grab people’s attention. A funny, disturbing, surreal, or plain weird photo can sustain people’s attention long enough to deliver a message. If you think about it, buyers typically browse through a lot of photos on a stock photography site so you’ll need to catch their attention at the first glance. Experiment with different techniques from different angles to create unique photos. By trying out different techniques, you’ll discover which you will enjoy using and which that are unsuitable for your style.

Trick photography and special effects adds so much more to your pictures than you might expect. All you need is to be open to try these techniques and let your imagination flow. Stock photography success stories are often reserved for those who are constantly learning and trying different techniques to see what works best for them.

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