How to use Pinterest to get more trick photography ideas

How to use Pinterest to get more trick photography ideasWhen you’ve done the “standard” trick photo examples you see online and want to create something truly original, where do you turn to? We see a lot of examples of levitation photos, forced perspective, tilt-shift, light paintings, etc. but they usually look the same. Creating an original trick photo require a lot of creativity (and sometimes technical skill), especially if we’re aiming for something different. It only takes a brief moment of inspiration to create a spark of creativity that will turn a “standard” trick photo into an amazing piece of work.

I’d like to share with you a neat tip to get some wonderful inspiration and think-outside-the-box ideas for trick photos. More often than not we spend hours online looking at other people’s photos to get some ideas and inspiration, looking through websites, photo-sharing sites, or even doing a Google image search. And one of the hottest photo-sharing sites right now is Pinterest.

Pin your interest to your own virtual pin boards

They describe themselves as a virtual pin board. The idea is that you can create pin boards to organize and share interesting things you see online. You create different pin boards for different things, so you could create a pin board for things like “pictures of dogs” and another for “pictures of cats” that you see online or that are uploaded by you.

Get lost in the amazing photos that people share

When you upload or see something interesting online, you “pin” it to your pin board. After some time of using it, you’ll have a nicely curated gallery of photos that is open for anyone to see. Everyone else is doing the same, so you can discover what other people are sharing. If you like something from other people’s board you can “re-pin” it to your own. It is very simple to use and have a nice and clean layout optimized for photos. Because each person is basically sharing, organizing, and tagging their pin board, it makes it very easy to look for you to search and discover photos that interest you.

Create trick photography and special effects pin boards

Our interest are cool ideas and examples of trick photography, so you can create pin boards dedicated to this. You can upload your own trick photos or whatever you stumbled upon online and pin it to your pin board. Later on when you’re scratching your head looking for ideas then your pin board can serve as your inspiration. While curating your pin boards you can re-pin from other people’s pin boards, so it’s a great way to collect great ideas and gorgeous photos to learn from them. Each pin on your board can have comments so you’ll also start to get comments from other people with the same interest as yours. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and learn from each other!

Follow and learn from other people

In addition to comments, another unique feature of Pinterest is that you can “follow” other people’s pin boards, a bit like subscribing to their pin boards. You’ll be able see new additions so if you like a particular person’s board you can follow them. This is great if you like a particular photographer’s work and want to see their latest pictures.

Using Pinterest I’ve been able to explore and generate great ideas for my own trick photography efforts. You can get lost there for hours just looking at hundreds of amazing pictures taken by other people. The social nature of the site makes it very easy for amazing photographs to spread far and wide. Use it as a gallery of amazing trick photography and special effects ideas. I’ve created a pin board dedicated to trick photography and special effects, click this link now to have a look.

Click here now to see how those trick photos were taken!

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