Creative ideas for forced perspective trick photography from the internet

Forced perspective is not a new phenomenom, before the days of digital special effects it is used a lot in movies from the 1950s to make objects appear bigger or smaller than it really is. Many years later, we all carry a camera in our pocket, so we have the ability to create these special effect images ourselves.

There are no shortage of creative, outrageous, and just plain funny examples of forced perspective trick photography that you can see on the Internet. You can literally spend hours browsing for these pictures and see how people use their creativity to create their own unique take using this trick photography technique. We’ll explore some of the more creative ideas that people have come up with.

Save the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Probably the most classic example (and overused!) are those of tourist photos holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Most days around that tourist attraction you’ll see people taking forced perspective photos with it, whether it is pushing, pulling, kicking, or hugging the tower. The result is that you can find a lot of forced perspective images floating around the Internet of this landmark.

Big and small people

Another popular forced perspective theme is to have giant people holding up smaller people on the palm of their hands. Most of these pictures are usually taken at locations where the ground is flat all the way to the horizon, like deserts, beaches, or salt flats. The results are often very convincing, due to the flat and uninteresting ground that doesn’t reveal much depth clues to the viewer’s eyes.

Giant hand from nowhere

These trick photos usually have a giant hand, most likely belonging to the photographer, that interacts with the background in a clever way. The process is very simple, just position your hand in front of the camera until it looks like it’s doing something interesting with the background and capture away. These include holding or pushing an impossibly large object, pouring a waterfall from a water bottle, among others.

Fun with the sun

There are some great looking photos of people interacting with the sun, during sunset or sunrise. The sun looks like a bright orange and white ball at these times, so you can position yourself or your friend and treat it like a soccer ball or a firefly. You can get some great pictures dark silhouettes interacting with the sun due to the low light condition.

Fluffy white cloud

We’ve all think we’ve seen certain objects or patterns formed by clouds in the sky before. Some people see it as an opportunity for a forced perspective shot. Some of the more interesting photos are those that hold up an object to the sky and use the cloud as an extension of that object. For example, you can hold up an empty ice-cream cone to the sky and use the white fluffy clouds to get a “cotton-candy in an ice-cream cone” picture.

Obscuring the source

Another common thing that people do is to obscure the source of something, say a water fountain, rainbow, smoke, fire, and have it come out of their ears, mouth, and other body orifices. The results are often comical rather than stunning.


The variations and things that we could do with forced perspective are endless, and great photo opportunities come and go all the time. Sometimes we even inadvertently capture a forced perspective shot without even knowing it until we review the picture. So if you snap often enough, you’ll definitely end up with a great forced perspective shot!

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