Forced Perspective Photography – Just Great Timing And Imagination Required!

forced perspective photography

If you are looking for some clever photography techniques to help you create visually stunning pictures, you will want to know more about forced perspective technique. Forced perspective photographs take something that we are familiar with and distort it so it appears strange. The most common style of forced perspective shots make things appear smaller, larger, closer or farther away than they are in reality. Although the results are spectacular, you do not require expensive equipment or expert training to take these shots. You just need an interesting subject, some imagination and great timing. Continue reading

An introduction to light painting

Introduction to light paintingLight painting is a unique trick photography technique which involves the photographer making some exposures by moving his camera or his hand-held light-source. This technique was first used by Frank Gilbreth and his wife in 1914. Frank Gilbreth used an open camera’s shutter and some small light sources to trace the motion of various clerical and manufacturing employees. However, Man Ray is actually the first art photographer to use light painting in his 1935 series the “Space writing”. The results are so mesmerizing that even today we still find many photographers finding new creative uses for this technique. Continue reading

Practical tips on how to improve your levitation photos in trick photography

Practical tips on how to improve your levitation photos in trick photographyLevitation photos is a type of trick photography that has seen a recent boost in popularity. Many people around the world are now forming photography clubs, workshops, and meet ups dedicated levitation photos. The rise of social media has made it extremely easy for us to share our photographic creations instantly with anyone around the world, so everyone with a camera are starting to join in this fun new endeavor. Continue reading

Top ideas and tips for taking great light painting trick photography

Top tips for taking great light painting trick photographyLight paintings are beautiful and dramatic, and looks a bit similar to lightning photography. In lightning photos, something about the awesome power of nature in comparison to our existence is very humbling. This is probably why the high contrast between the night darkness and the bright flash of light results in some very powerful photos. Light paintings are softer and more ethereal, but still have the same high contrast and dramatic effect if lightning photos. Continue reading

Top 10 tips for taking the best trick photography photos

Top 10 tips for taking the best trick photography photosThe one consistent element that makes a photograph interesting are people. We just like to look at ourselves or other people. This applies to trick photography as well, whether it’s levitation, forced perspective, light paintings, and more. Being able to extract the best out of people and put them in fantastical situations are what makes trick photography so mentally stimulating. So here are some great ideas for you to incorporate into your trick photography photos to take it from good to great. Continue reading

How to minimize shutter delay so you can take better levitation and forced perspective photography

How to minimize shutter delay to take better levitation and forced perspective trick photosSpontaneous levitation photography often means that you ask the subject to jump and hold a pose, and you try your best to take a photo of them in mid air. WIthout understanding your camera’s shutter delay, you will have to repeat and repeat until you get the perfect shot, not to mention a very tired subject! Continue reading

How to take great levitation photos and trick photography by reducing motion blur

How to take great levitation photos and trick photography by reducing motion blurThe most common way to destroy a great levitation photo when you’re doing trick photography is to take a blurry photo of the floating subject. The trick is to remove any tell-tale signs of how the effect is achieved. Continue reading

Creative and interesting ideas for forced perspective trick photography

We all love taking pictures and sharing it with the world, as shown by the popularity of image sharing websites like Instagram and Facebook. We just like to have fun, get creative, and snap away. I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find a forced perspective picture taken by anyone who have ever held a camera and seen one on these pictures. Continue reading

Using trick photography, or specifically the tilt shift effect to take better travel photos

We all like to share our travel adventures with our family and friends by taking lots of photographs of the sights we see. However, we all tend to take photographs that are influenced by what we’ve seen before in travel magazines or postcards. This is simply because we like what we see and will try to recreate that shot when we are actually there. Why not add a twist to it and use trick photography to create something unconventional and interesting with the tilt shift special effect? Continue reading