Top 10 tips for taking the best trick photography photos

Top 10 tips for taking the best trick photography photosThe one consistent element that makes a photograph interesting are people. We just like to look at ourselves or other people. This applies to trick photography as well, whether it’s levitation, forced perspective, light paintings, and more. Being able to extract the best out of people and put them in fantastical situations are what makes trick photography so mentally stimulating. So here are some great ideas for you to incorporate into your trick photography photos to take it from good to great. Continue reading

Trick photography ideas for taking levitation photography in-camera

If you’re like most people, you might have dreamed of flying and floating around in the air effortlessly. Some people have dreams of flying around in the living room or the house they live in, while others might travel vast distances and visit other cities, countries, or even outer space. That feeling of freedom is alluring to all of us. Some of us dream about it, some of us go out and build airplanes, and some of us recreate that feeling with trick photography. Continue reading