How to Capture Cheap Trick Photos with Easy Memorable Techniques

How to capture cheap trick photosDo you own a camera and are you interested in expanding your creativity shooting beyond the squat technique? You can easily create cheap trick photos that would amaze your friends and even surprise yourself with light painting and levitation photography techniques. The tricks are easy to learn and cheap to use.

Light Painting

This technique has been in existence since 1914 when it was first used by Frank Gilberth and his wife. You can perform this trick by moving either the light source or the camera. To perform this technique you require a camera, a nice tripod and led light. A digital camera works magic as it enables you to view the images immediately and make corrections. If you are practicing indoors you need a dark room but you can also shoot outside at night.

How to perform light painting techniques

Set the camera on the tripod and with lights / flash on take a sample shot to ensure the composition is correct. If it is ok, set the exposure to a moderately long value. If you are indoors turn off the lights and make a click. Immediately the shutter opens, light your stuff. You can use various techniques to light up the stuff such as using the light a brush and smear the light. You can also use the light like a pen to work precisely. Areas that you will work on slowly will appear brighter than others. You should avoid staying in the same spot for long as you will burn the image.

Great ideas that you can try out with light painting technique

Place a product on a table in a dark room and paint its contour. To give it a strong effect you can use different colors. The other idea is to capture the background of a product placed in an area with ambient light by painting the object with light. Use a product that is less hit by the light. This will give you a picturesque image with varying white balance on the ambient and painted part.

Levitation photography

Levitation images are exciting, surreal and beautiful. They include amazing images of people floating in the air.

How to perform a levitation trick

To capture interesting quality levitation jumping photos you need to reduce the signs of a jump. You should ensure the images are clear and sharp without any motion blur unless it is for an artistic twist. To create lovely unique photos you should try using jump moves that looks impossible to perform for an outrageous wacky appearance. If the move is too difficult to perform without flaws, you can use props to hide the flaws. Since photos are 2D with exercise you can hide all the photo traces by use of perspectives and clever framing.

Even if you find it difficult to capture quality blur free images at first, you should remember the fun of photography is to capture different images every time you make a click. You should not seek flawless images with your first shots but the uniqueness, charm and beauty of cheap trick photos. Once you understand the basics of these tricks you will improve the quality of shots over time.

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